I am a visual artist originally from Portugal now based in Switzerland. My love for movies, which comes from a very early age, has resulted in creating a Facebook page where I make short reviews for films, a podcast aimed at film lovers alike and, of course, turning my focus as a visual artist to the creation of posters and key art.
I do a lot of fan art for both the love of film and as a studying method. It allows me to explore different styles and techniques in a constant learning process so that when the opportunity presents itself I feel confident in delivering the best result in optimal time frames.
I have been working as a professional key art designer for 11 years with directors, producers, creative agencies and production companies. I am fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator/Affinity Designer, In Design/Affinity Publisher, and Blender for 3D work. I speak Portuguese (mother tongue), English (native level), French and basic German (currently A2 level).
I am open-minded, versatile and quick on my feet to react to solicitations. My hobbies include hiking (specially with my pup), playing drums and reading, besides the obviously frequent movie watching.